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Fernando C.Barbi personal page

Fernando C. Barbi

I am a researcher at the CEF-SBS, the Center for Entrepreneurial Finance at the SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich, and a Data Scientist for Analyx in Zug, Switzerland.

My current research areas are Blockchain economics and Macro-Finance. I use Econometric and Machine Learning models to predict key economic and finance indicators (GDP, inflation, and prices or “Stochastic Discount Factors”).

My Doctorate is from the São Paulo School of Economics (FGV) where I studied Monetary Policy, Asset Pricing and Financial Risk Management.

I am here on GitHub, on LinkedIn and on Ideas.

My primary contact is fcbarbi AT gmail DOT com


Working Papers

Teaching Notes

  1. Basic Statistics in R proposes a practical approach to learning Statistics and basic Econometrics using R. (under development)

  2. DSGE Design and Estimation (under development)