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Fernando C.Barbi personal page

Fernando C. Barbi

I am a Macroeconomist and Data Scientist at QGRL in Switzerland.

My Doctorate in Economics is from the São Paulo School of Economics (FGV). My research interests are Monetary Policy, Asset Pricing and Financial Risk Management.

I am on GitHub, LinkedIn and Ideas.

My primary contact is fcbarbi AT


  1. ARDL is a R package to estimate Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag models. I am using this in Macroeconomic models.

  2. “Automated news collection with the newsminer R package” (2017, under submission)

  3. Ip2as is a Pyhon 2.7 package to analyze ipv4 traffic and classify it according to their origin network, as indicated by their ASN (Autonomous System Number). This is networking engineering stuff from a previous life.

Working Papers

  1. “Does FDI matter for Sustainable Growth in Sub Saharan Africa ? Evidence from a Heterogeneous Panel” (2016)

  2. “Bayesian Forecasting of Interest Rates: Do Priors Matter?” (2014)

Teaching Notes

  1. Basic Statistics in R proposes a practical approach to learning Statistics and basic Econometrics using R. (under development)

  2. DSGE Design and Estimation (under development)