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Fernando C.Barbi personal page

Fernando C. Barbi

I am a researcher at the CEF-SBS, the Center for Entrepreneurial Finance at the SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich, and a product manager developing tools for Private Equity investors.

As a data scientist I break codes hidden in large amounts of data. I decode data looking for patterns to spot causality and trends. I enjoy telling the story behind the numbers, to make them tell us their secrets, either by putting them in context or by exposing their lies, shining light on the truth.

I use Econometrics and Machine Learning tools to research on Blockchain Kryptoeconomics and Macro-Finance models.

I got a Doctorate from the São Paulo School of Economics (FGV) researching Monetary Policy, Asset Pricing and Financial Risk Management.

I am here on GitHub, on LinkedIn and on Ideas.

My primary contact is fcbarbi AT gmail DOT com


Working Papers

Teaching Notes

  1. Basic Statistics in R proposes a practical approach to learning Statistics and basic Econometrics using R. (under development)

  2. DSGE Design and Estimation (under development)